When we think of social media marketing Facebook and Twitter are the ones that usually pop into our mind. We tend to let a brilliant marketing tool such as Instagram slip through unnoticed.

Prove to your customers you are their friend

There are no social media quite as personal as Instagram. The very idea of your phone informing you every time someone you follow uploads a photograph, and yet so few people (only 2%) can see the major benefits of utilizing Instagram in business marketing.

Even though Instagram users are far more likely to notice and react to your add than Facebook or Twitter users. In fact Foresters, the last study shows that users react to Instagram content by engaging 58 times more often than on Facebook and 120 times more often than on Twitter.

User sees, user like user share

One of the main benefits of tlhiogbhvhe utilization of Instagram in business is the users sharing photos amongst themselves. People love to share pictures of their favorite dishes, brands, and everything in between. This helps in promoting the shared products.If one user likes your product it’s more than likely that he or she will share it with other users, thus effectively spreading your brand.

Perfect timing makes a perfect add

Imagine seeing a photograph of a cold soda on a warm summer day. Or a picture of some hot cocoa during a snowfall. Well, one of the benefits of utilizing Instagram in your business is that you can start spreading your add in the perfect moment.

Hash your brand

The hashtag is a powerful tool to use for branding in Instagram. It’s, in fact, one of the major ways Instagram users discover new brands and utilizing it is the easy way to get your business out there.

It’s free

When contemplating about benefits and utilization of Instagram in business, it is hard to overlook this incredible fact. While other social media charges you to get your name out there, Instagram offers you huge exposure for absolutely nothing. And there’s nothing quite as good as a free add.

Getting started

Now that you are aware of the benefits and utilization of Instagram in business all you need to do to reap them is download the application use it to snap photographs of your product, and share them with your customers. The results are soon to follow. So get your brand out there. Get Instagram.